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Thanks for stopping by my Contact Page. I’m delighted to have piqued your interest in my work and invite you to engage further. As an artist, I create pieces that stimulate emotions and resonate on profound levels. If you find yourself contemplating potential exhibitions, sales, or collaborations, I encourage you to send me an email at contact (at) 

Please know that your privacy is taken seriously. All information shared will be used solely for the purpose of addressing your inquiries, ensuring a respectful and confidential communication environment. Your engagement with my artistic journey is deeply appreciated. I look forward to the possibility of further connection as we explore the transformative power of art together.

I invite you to be as specific as possible with your inquiries. Detailed information allows me to provide a more comprehensive and fitting response. Remember, each interaction provides a unique opportunity to deepen our mutual appreciation of the art world. Thank you for considering my art as a potential addition to your personal, professional, or curatorial portfolio.

Artistically Yours, Nihad Dolano