About Me

Nihad Dolano, the artist and creator whose work explores the intersection of art, science and philosophy.
My Biography & Artist Statement:

Nihad Dolano: A Creative Artist's Journey Navigating the Crossroads of Art and Science

Early Life and Artistic Awakening

Hello and welcome! I am Nihad Dolano, an artist deeply committed to portraying the tale of human existence. Through aesthetic artworks, every brushstroke, sketch, and canvas I create becomes a part of this unfolding narrative.. Born beneath the timeless Mesopotamian skies, I absorbed the rich narratives and wisdom of my ancestors in my early years, sparking a love for poetry and creativity, setting the stage for my artistic journey. Captivated by the charm of European visual art, I deviated from my economics studies in Baghdad, immersing myself in the energetic heart of Belgrade to pursue art. In this thriving art scene, the works of creative artists like Petar Lubarda, Paja Jovanović, and Lazar Vozarević captivated me, offering me a personal artistic sanctuary.

Trials, Triumphs, and the Junction of Art and Science

Financial constraints unexpectedly diverted my academic path, leading me to the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Mining and Geology. Despite this pivot towards the geosciences, my passion for visual art never faltered. In my free time, I embraced every opportunity to participate in art and poster competitions, polishing my creativity, ingenuity, and artistic expression. A highlight of this period was a brief spotlight on a TV show discussing my aesthetic artworks. Eventually, I earned my degree in mining engineering and journeyed to the tranquil grandeur of Sweden. Here, I pursued a Master’s degree in petroleum prospecting from Chalmers University of Technology and encountered the late Kerstin Cruickshank, a gallery owner, author, and inspirational figure who welcomed my innovation, enabling my artistic and scientific interests to converge, evolve, and flourish.

Merging Realism and Abstraction: A Distinct Artistic Vision

My work, deeply influenced by Picasso’s profound depth and Kandinsky’s spiritual perspective, achieves a unique blend of realism and abstraction, guided by the principles of creativity and innovation. As an artist fascinated by science and philosophy, I credit my distinctive artistic vision to these layered influences. Each piece of my work delves into the human condition, guiding viewers through our shared struggles, triumphs, joys, and the perpetual quest for meaning and evolution. By integrating figurative elements with cosmic, dreamlike landscapes through a vibrant color spectrum, I encourage viewers to deeply contemplate life’s diverse narratives. This fusion defines my signature style in the visual art landscape, acting as a bridge between science, spirituality, philosophy, and the intricate design of our universe.

Art as a Catalyst for Transformation and Insight

Beyond mere visual enjoyment, my aesthetic artworks strive to enlighten and stimulate deep reflection. Each piece serves as a compelling catalyst, motivating viewers from all backgrounds to delve into uncharted territories marked by innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. My ultimate aim is to expand the reach of what visual art can communicate, inspire, and ultimately transform. Welcome to my world, where each painting narrates a story, and every story takes you on a journey into the soul of humanity, exploring metaphysical depths and uniting these seemingly divergent domains. As Nihad Dolano, I invite you to embark on this exploration. You may uncover fresh perspectives, insights, and perhaps even a piece of your own self, reflecting the continuous evolution of art and thought.